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RES provides IT professionals with the ability to deliver people-centric, agile workspaces to their workers, empowering users through self-service and automation. To ensure you get the most from this investment in RES solutions, we have a team of education specialists who are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and partners; offing a wide range of training and certification options.


The RES Success Center provides our customers and partners with resources to help them get the most out of RES solutions. Whether your implementation is brand new or has been going strong for years, we’ve got practical information to help you thrive with RES.


RES Online Learning provides a way to learn about RES ONE Identity Director, RES ONE Workspace, and RES ONE Automation. It consists of short video tutorials, including practice questions, informative links and more. Online training is available to anyone free of charge.



RES offers a variety of learning experiences for our customers and channel partners, including personalized classroom training, online training and downloadable self-study kits, as well as highly technical courses focused on the installation and configuration of RES solutions.



RES offers a certification program designed to validate IT professionals with the technical capabilities and expertise needed to effectively use the RES product portfolio, giving companies the confidence that their IT employees have the skills and experience needed to be successful.


Professional services

RES products enable you to address many common end user IT challenges while enhancing productivity, improving IT control, and dramatically reducing the support burden. You are armed with a powerful and flexible combination of features that integrate with your unique IT landscape. But this robustness of functionality and multiple 3rd party integration options requires thoughtful planning for optimum benefit.

Get the most from your investment in RES products by leveraging the experience and insights of RES Professional Services. Experienced consultants help ensure your implementation is based on an optimal design using proven best practices to maximize benefits and accelerate ROI. Our approach is to guide your IT staff to:

  • Define requirements accurately for each use case ensures the right functionality is available to each staff member
  • Design the best architecture and configuration for your company for the optimal balance of performance and cost
  • Integrate with your unique environment smoothly to maximize automation
  • Deploy in a flexible, iterative manner for quick wins and long-term success
  • Transfer knowledge to your IT staff throughout the process to maximize ongoing operations