Identity & access management

Identity & access management

What’s the most critical thing every enterprise worker needs to reach full productivity potential?

Access. Access to the right apps and services at the right time, based on the worker's immediate context.

RES enables you to unlock that productivity potential by proactively and dynamically provisioning workers for the right access, apps and services, so they’re enabled to meet business performance targets. With RES, you can meet their needs from Day One on the new job, and each day after as their roles, responsibilities and even day-to-day working contexts change.

Provisioning can be incredibly complex. But RES makes it simple. With new hirings, transfers, promotions, departures and changes to working context (such as location, device and time of day), you can automatically provision and de-provision worker access to technology assets as needed. 


Faster provisioning means better employee engagement

The faster workers can gain access to the right services and apps, the faster they can successfully contribute value towards the organization’s mission. Today, IT must deliver the right access to services and apps to drive business processes at each moment – but relying on the business to inform IT of changes is a perilous path. There's a better way. IT can empower the business to provide these services quickly and efficiently.

RES integrates into existing identity sources, such as HR, payroll and project management systems, to automatically provision access based on individual needs. Beyond the predictable 80% of service needs, RES can enable self-service requests for access so workers can fulfill the remaining 20% themselves. Provisioning and de-provisioning can and must happen when needed – not when manual systems, procedures and knowledge dictate.

Enforce your enterprise access management strategy

With RES, you can automatically fulfill employee access needs based on their individual roles and working contexts, dynamically and as often as necessary. This helps organizations strike a balance between enabling employees to work the way they want from any device, while giving IT greater governance (and auditability) around application and service access. Here’s how.

Identity lifecycle & role management

Access requests & certifications

Automated onboarding & offboarding

Password management

Tracking employee transitions

As workers move through different roles and assignments, IT is burdened with manually adjusting their access rights with each change. But in many cases, IT isn’t even aware of changes until a service desk ticket arrives – often after the fact. And granting additional access is only part of the picture. Should the worker’s prior services be selectively revoked? Are apps they’re no longer using be returned to the license pool for reassignment? Perhaps most troubling of all, unneeded access can create a security gap and expose the organization to serious compliance concerns.

With RES, organizations can standardize and automate the delivery of access, adapting and securing what is available to workers at each stage based on individual context (location, time of day, devices, etc.). Not only is access granted and revoked when required, but it becomes easily traceable, with an automatically-generated audit trail of entitlement and certifications to decrease overall governance effort and costs.

Faster offboarding means less risk

Staff departures happen every day, and each event potentially puts cost, security and compliance at risk. Unfortunately, many organizations rely on manual de-provisioning of access without clear and immediate procedures for triggering access termination. Automating and expediting this process is imperative, and RES helps ensure the timely recovery of company assets, reducing the risk of exposing sensitive data.

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