Maximized Technology Investments

Maximized Technology Investments

How can organizations accelerate ROI from new and existing technology investments?

RES Hub unlocks the power of community – a community of RES users who are also tackling deployment and integration. It gives you direct access to repeatable integrations, samples and best practices.


RES Hub extends business value

Organizations have invested a lot of time and money in major systems, but in many circumstances, they aren’t deployed completely and they aren’t interconnected for maximum value. RES helps you ensure that your next project is a success. You can drive user adoption, quickly deliver the required capabilities, and include quality integration points.

Streamlined deployments

Simplified integrations

Enabled community

Enforce identity and access policies across systems

Organizations are challenged to drive more workforce mobility, decrease their vulnerabilities around cybersecurity, and ensure compliance in an ever-increasing regulatory environment. In attempting to overcome these challenges, IT struggles with the manual effort required to manage identities and access across all their systems, apps, and devices. Without centralized management, it is labor and resource intensive to enforce policies that ensure the right people have the access they need to be productive and secure…no more, no less.

To ensure that identity and access policies are widely enforced, RES provides organizations with a way to integrate their various systems and build their processes based on community best practices. Use connectors to extend your security policies to third-party technologies such as enterprise mobility management, IT Service Management, virtualization and cloud provisioning, PC lifecycle management, SaaS applications and more. With RES Hub, you will realize faster implementation across security, cloud governance and compliance projects.

The power of community

Because of the open and transparent nature of the RES Hub, visitors have limitless opportunity to interact and share with others in the RES technical community. Provide feedback, rate and review your favorite packages and leverage what others are saying to get an indication of the value and quality of the content.