Cloud Acceleration & Management

Cloud Acceleration & Management

Is cloud helping IT deliver an effective digital workspace?

Cloud is a compelling model for provisioning applications and infrastructure faster and more cost effectively, but few enterprises are able to make the complete transition to cloud today. IT is often forced to maintain hybrid cloud environments alongside legacy data centers and manage countless cloud services in addition to large numbers of existing physical and virtual apps. This often results in the loss of many of the speed and scalability benefits enabled by cloud, and delivers little progress on IT’s desire to align with the business.

RES can help solve these challenges to help you get the most out of your existing cloud investments and meet the demands of the business. With RES, IT teams can reap the benefits of speed and scalability of cloud services and infrastructure, even in hybrid scenarios, to deliver a truly optimized digital workspace to the workforce.


Streamline cloud management through automation

Managing a hybrid cloud infrastructure can be time-consuming and costly – totally negating the potential ROI of cloud. Many IT teams are challenged to demonstrate high adoption rates and tangible business value realized from cloud investments, but still struggle with the basic management of workloads and to keep up with requests for cloud-based apps and resources. Without the ability to meet expectations and demonstrate results, IT risks its reputation with the business and limits its ability to contribute to business agility. If not managed, these challenges can actually lead to disruption to the workforce – the opposite intended outcome of cloud investments.

RES allows IT to centralize the management of cloud services with the physical and virtual apps already in use by the business to deliver the most agile digital workspace. Through powerful automation capabilities, you can simplify the maintenance of existing workloads, manage requests for new workloads and move those workloads across private and public cloud platforms. IT can also ensure the automated decommissioning of cloud resources, eliminating unwanted access or wasted infrastructure.

Accelerate your hybrid cloud journey

RES helps enterprises accelerate their ability to adopt cloud through secured cloud-service provisioning and simplified management of hybrid cloud infrastructures. With RES in place, IT can deliver quickly on the demands of the business, ensuring new apps and services are made accessible quickly to the right people for maximum productivity. Here’s how:

Improved access to cloud-based services

Cloud transformation in the data center

Supporting agility for DevOps

Security and compliance enforcement

The RES cloud value checklist

Every enterprise is on its own cloud journey. As IT aims to maximize value for the business through cloud RES can help:


  • Accelerate ROI from existing and new cloud investments
  • Give people access to cloud-based resources they need to do their jobs
  • Enforce essential security and compliance policies with consistency
  • Capitalize on the ever-changing cloud technology with greater agility
  • Save resources by automating routine tasks around cloud management
  • Enable IT to deliver on the expectations of fast service and zero disruption


Cloud integrations

Integrations help IT harness the collective power of multiple sysytems and improve IT’s ability to deliver faster and higher quality services to the workforce. Enterprises can benefit from RES’ ability to easily integrate with their current technology investments.

RES also offers a variety of cloud-centric infrastructure and app integrations right out of the box and available through professional services. Our portfolio includes leading cloud technology solutions such as Nutanix, IBM Softlayer,, Microsoft Office 365, ServiceNow, VMware Air Watch and many more.

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