Better endpoint management

Better endpoint management

Why is it so important to modernize static desktop environments?

Today’s agile workforce require flexible and dynamic digital workspaces that offer a personal experience and the freedom to work from any location, at any time, with any device. This means IT must overcome the limits imposed by traditional desktop models and embrace modern workspaces that provide flexibility while controlling costs and maintaining security. Modernizing the workspace starts by separating key elements of the user experience from the underlying device, OS and delivery platforms, so IT can centralize management and configuration, and workers can depend on a seamless technology experience.

Infrastructure projects that deliver

Enterprises require ongoing technology changes to increase mobility and keep up with improving capabilities. With RES, workspaces remain consistent and centrally controlled – even when IT introduces new hardware or migrates to new operating systems. RES means faster returns and more satisfied workers in many infrastructure initiatives.

New or expanded desktop virtualization deployments

Windows 10 and other OS upgrades

Hardware refreshes

Migrations to business critical cloud services, including Microsoft Office365

Central management of hybrid desktop deployments

Workspace security initiatives

Optimizing for mobility and cloud

Mobility and cloud strategies in the future will be defined by decisions made today. Well-managed workspaces are the foundation that allows IT to provide rapid business agility. RES can help you optimize for mobility and future cloud initiatives with core capabilities, so you can easily scale and introduce new technologies.

Context Awareness

Design workspaces that adapt in real-time, based on user context, for an optimized and secure worker experience at any place and time.

Anywhere Access

Give workers more freedom in device and working location, without sacrificing security controls.

Dynamic Security Policies

Manage potential threats through adaptive web and app security policies, based on context, to balance the right mix of security and flexibility.

Agnostic Capability

Build workspaces without infrastructure requirements. RES works seamlessly with any technology you have in place today or plan to add tomorrow.

A people-centric approach to the workspace

IT desktop projects are a great opportunity to look at the workforce from a people perspective, rather than at the devices being managed.

Any modernization initiative should consider the following:

  • Is there a way to offer a more personal IT experience for employees?
  • Are dynamic technologies in place to support changing work styles?
  • Is there enough flexibility and compatibility across hybrid technologies?
  • Do our desktop security capabilities adapt to the way people work?

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