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Orange Babies is a Dutch organization that operates internationally and is committed to minimizing HIV infection and contamination in Africa. Orange Babies supports 20 projects in South Africa, Namibia and Zambia. RES is the proud sponsor of the project in Namibia, called Ehalelo Koo Meme, which translates to “hope for mothers.


The Ehalelo Koo Meme Project is part of the unique Orange Babies Child Protection Program. Intervention teams of Orange Babies will search African townships for pregnant women and have them tested for HIV. Next to that, Orange Babies works closely together with the government and local clinics to reach and treat HIV infected pregnant women. Their goal: to keep healthy babies from getting infected with HIV by their own mothers during pregnancy and child birth.

Thanks to this unique approach, 95% of the babies of HIV infected mothers enter the world without HIV, which means they have a clean start in life!

In addition to this, Orange Babies monitors the health of orphans and vulnerable children with HIV on a biweekly basis and provides proper nutrition.