RES ONE Workspace

RES ONE Workspace

Centrally manage, automate and secure your digital workspaces

Streamline the management of complex hybrid environments by automating critical processes to deliver IT services to the business.

Today’s workforce wants to work from anywhere, anytime, forcing IT to support multiple devices and flexible access to the data, apps and networks, without losing sight of security. RES ONE Workspace drives productivity for the workforce, providing workers with a familiar and seamless workspace that is both secure and dynamic based on their changing contexts and across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Digital workspaces that work – all the time. Empowering both IT and the workforce

Advanced user profile management

Context awareness

Adaptive security

Analysis and reporting


Reverse seamless

Extensive integration


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RES ONE Workspace architecture

RES ONE Workspace architecture is simple and easy to scale.

RES ONE Workspace Architecture

What's new.

Check out what’s in the latest releases of RES ONE Workspace. 

RES ONE Workspace 10.1

Enhanced web-based management portal for security
The modernization of the web management portal continues, with key security capabilities being offered through an updated admin UI. Make it easier to create and maintain application security rules, including APIs and the introduction of a new dashboard for better visibility.


Preview: certificate support
This focuses on simplifying whitelisting management that provides support for approvals based on signed publisher and product.


HKLM support
Enables better end-to-end workspace management with similar functionality, as with HKCU, while supporting the ability to import ADMX and registry files.


Enhanced support for Linux and Mac users
Offers enhanced management from console, including enabled context-aware containers, with addition of new ‘Power Zones’ and support for standard ‘Power Zones’ such at network and screen resolution.


Windows 10 updates
Delivers support for Windows 10 v1703 (Creator’s Update) and improved Start Menu management.


Bypass composer improvements
Now enables ability to target non-administrators and has improved Active Directory browse functionality.


Improved license management
Improved license management with the ability to browse Active Directory.


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