RES ONE Workspace

RES ONE Workspace

Secure and manage your workspaces. Empower your people.

Centrally manage and secure apps and services for the workforce across the most complex, hybrid environments.

RES ONE Workspace offers today’s digital workforce a better, more personal technology experience, while giving IT the control to increase security and reduce costs. Configuration and management are centralized, so IT can build workspaces that roam across devices, operating systems, delivery platforms and more. 

Workspace management by RES goes far beyond profile management tools to deliver a consistent experience across desktop delivery platforms and a dynamic workspace with the right mix of apps and services to maximize the productivity of your workforce.

With RES ONE Workspace, enterprises benefit from:

  • Personal and context-aware workspaces for each member of the workforce based on time, location, device and more for maximum productivity
  • A highly empowered and secured mobile workforce for added flexibility
  • Reduced disruptions to users during infrastructure changes and updates
  • Granular security controls for apps and services to mitigate risks

Digital workspaces that work – all the time. Empowering both IT and the workforce.

Advanced user profile management

Context awareness

Adaptive security

Analysis and compliance


Reverse seamless

Extensive integration


RES ONE Workspace architecture

RES ONE Workspace architecture is simple and easy to scale.

What's new.

Check out what’s in the latest releases of RES ONE Workspace.

RES ONE Workspace 2016 SR1


The latest service release for RES ONE Workspace 2016 contains fixes for enhanced stability and includes increased support for Microsoft, Citrix and VMware, specifically:

  • Windows 10 v.1607
  • Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.11
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • System Center 2016
  • SCCM v.1606
RES ONE Workspace 2016


RES ONE Workspace 2016 offers customers more flexibility and module updates.


Licensing flexibility
RES ONE Workspace now allows IT to license the workspace capabilities they need today, starting from any module. This flexibility offers customers the ability to easily grow into more advanced workspace and automation capabilities as their digital workspace strategy matures. 

New module names
RES ONE Workspace modules have been renamed to Composition (formerly Dynamic Configuration), Security (Adaptive Security) and Governance (Delegation and Compliance).

Freemium offering
RES ONE Workspace Core offers foundational capabilities for specific workspace management use cases.

RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR2


The latest release of RES ONE Workspace delivers on IT’s need for added security, cloud readiness and improved support for workforce productivity.


Support for the latest technology
This latest release can configure Microsoft Office 2016 profiles for Outlook 2016, edit and control both email signature and new user setting templates for the Office 2016 suite. 

Help to cloud-ready your infrastructure
New support for Azure RemoteApp helps with enterprise rollout of cloud-hosted services. Now you can globally publish cloud-hosted services to the enterprise per group or per user.

Stronger security management
Introducing a new tool to simplify the management of whitelisting apps called the File Hash Monitor. This tool can auto-import authorized files and file hashes into the Management Console, and monitor multiple locations including Microsoft SCCM and IBM BigFix.

Sought after customer enhancements
Application End is now available as a new trigger for folder synchronization, executing commands and linked actions.

RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR1


Windows 10 support
All of the features supported for previous versions of Windows are now officially supported on Window 10.


RES Viewpoint
RES Viewpoint is an online, Microsoft Windows Azure-hosted service available to RES ONE Workspace customers that gives IT more visibility to their existing desktop infrastructure. It captures a real-time snapshot of an organization’s environment and user-base, and generates simple reports that provide important background information needed before starting desktop and infrastructure projects. 

App security enhancements
Maximize app security strategies with more granular and easier to manage whitelisting/blacklisting capabilities to better mitigate risks. Integrate with IBM Endpoint Manager for improved manageability of whitelists.


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