RES ONE Workspace

RES ONE Workspace

Centrally manage, automate and secure your digital workspaces

Streamline the management of complex hybrid environments by automating critical processes to deliver IT services to the business.

Today’s workforce wants to work from anywhere, anytime, forcing IT to support multiple devices and flexible access to the data, apps and networks, without losing sight of security. RES ONE Workspace drives productivity for the workforce, providing workers with a familiar and seamless workspace that is both secure and dynamic based on their changing contexts and across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Digital workspaces that work – all the time. Empowering both IT and the workforce

Advanced user profile management

Context awareness

Adaptive security

Analysis and reporting


Reverse seamless

Extensive integration


RES ONE Workspace architecture

RES ONE Workspace architecture is simple and easy to scale.

RES ONE Workspace Architecture

What's new.

Check out what’s in the latest releases of RES ONE Workspace. 

RES ONE Workspace 10.0

Web-based management portal
Easy to use workspace analysis and logging capabilities allow IT service desks to easily monitor and troubleshoot the workspace, decreasing IT costs.


Support for Server 2016
The Workspace Composer can be run as an endpoint in remote desktop services and Citrix XenApp scenarios. All Workspace components including the Bypass Composer can now run on Server 2016.


Enhanced reporting for logon and usage data 
Now web-based, this feature provides insights into user experience, performance and usage to help IT make more informed decisions about the workspace. Out of the box reports around application and website usage give greater visibility in how the workspace is used and reports around logon performance give insight into its overall performance.


Enhanced audit tracking  
Now web-based, this feature allows you to leverage log reports for auditors to prove access and policy controls are in place and to determine where data is or is not accessed.


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