Dynamic security for a productive workforce

A people-centric approach to security

RES ONE Security protects your business from external and internal threats with a unique people-centric approach to managing security, identity and access management, and governance. With RES, security doesn’t have to come at the cost of worker productivity or experience. To help meet security goals quickly, RES can deliver quick time to value – getting RES ONE Security up and running within days, not months or years.

Mitigate risks

Not only does IT have to protect against outside threats, but every worker with access to data and each device connecting to the network creates a potential entry point for threats. IT needs a secure approach to:

  • Drive single worker identities
  • Manage secure access controls
  • Implement business policies
  • Eliminate motive for shadow IT
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

Improve user experience

A good security strategy must be people-centric, and able to predict worker needs and contexts. IT must provide much-needed flexibility while at the same time enhancing security – not compromising it. IT must consider the need to:

  • Onboard workers securely
  • Implement identity-driven access
  • Adjust access based on context
  • Ease restrictions in secure contexts
  • Enable requests through self-service


Protect against external and insider threats


Reduce risk and ensure compliance through insight and visibility


Manage worker security through automation and a single identity


Drive worker productivity with secure access and automated service delivery  

Empowering the workforce, while securing the business

Dynamic privileges

Context awareness

Audit tracking

Consolidated identity store

Whitelisting and blacklisting

Identity lifecycle management

Secure self service

Data masking

Dig a little deeper

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