RES ONE Identity Director

RES ONE Identity Director

Modern identity and access for the digital workforce

Balance worker productivity with security through automated provisioning, workflows, and self service

RES ONE Identity Director provides an attribute-based approach to identity and access with automated provisioning, workflows and self service. A central identity warehouse aggregates from existing systems so IT can automatically deliver predictable services to the business when they are needed, or workers can use self-service supported by automated workflows. RES improves IT efficiency and service, streamlines onboarding and offboarding, and gives IT the insight and visibility needed to reduce risk and ensure compliance standards are met.


Identity lifecycle management

Attribute-based access

Automated provisioning

Visual workflow editor

Flexible API fabric

Access Certification

Self-service portal

Mobile app

RES ONE Identity Director architecture

RES ONE Identity Director Architecture

What's new

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RES ONE Identity Director 10.0

User portal redesign 
A new look-and-feel of the user interface facilitates the workers requests or approval of services and access via the web portal and mobile app..


RES inter-product integration 
Get a unified RES experience so RES ONE Automation actions can occur from within RES ONE Identity Director. For example, if you are in RES ONE Identity Director looking at transition history of a failed service, you can click on the “failed task” and you will be taken directly to the corresponding run book within RES ONE Automation.


Built-in reporting 
View historical data in detailed reports to evaluate success and verify SLAs are met. The workflow execution reports on service quality such as service delivery summary, maximum amount of time to deliver, etc. Or, easily integrate with an existing analytics tool.


Data masking 
Conceal sensitive or personal data so that only those with proper qualifications or reason can view the personal data (for example, answers to password reset questions, salary information and social security numbers). This ensures that privacy is preserved, security controls are enforced and compliance with data protection regulations is maintained.


Service versioning
Track changes made to a service including the workflow for streamlined management of processes and the added visibility into what changes have been made, and who has made the changes. For example, simplify and align DTAP processes.


End user portal APIs
Utilize our workflows, automation and reporting in conjunction with an existing service catalog or end user portal to get the most out of investments.


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