RES ONE Enterprise

RES ONE Enterprise

Create, automate and secure digital workspaces

A people-centric approach to business technology

RES ONE Enterprise creates, automates and secures digital workspaces across hybrid environments. RES combines automation and self service with security capabilities in a single platform to empower today’s agile workforce with the right access to apps and services.

Combining security, automation and self service are key to empowering an agile workforce with modern digital workspaces. By following an approach that puts people at the center of IT, RES enables each worker with a context aware and secure workspace for maximum productivity.

For IT and digital workforces

A workforce is engaged with the right level of resources – and only the right resources – in its digital workspace at any given time and on any device.


  • Increased productivity
  • Empowered through self service
  • More secure, mobile workforce
  • Increased satisfaction levels with IT
  • Greater support for mobile work styles

For IT

IT is empowering the next generation of workers with faster access to technology that makes them more productive.


  • Faster, higher-quality service delivery
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased security
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced compliance and auditing costs

Quick time to value

Up and running in weeks, not months or years

Predictive capabilities

Adapt and secure to worker needs, delivering and returning services automatically

People centric

Focus on managing a personal workspace experience for each worker

Transforming the digital workspace experience


Self Service


Context Aware

Hybrid Workspace

RES ONE Enterprise architecture

RES ONE Enterprise Architecture

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