RES ONE Automation

RES ONE Automation

Flexible automation for today’s hybrid environments.

RES ONE Automation provides flexible automation capabilities.

Streamline the management of complex hybrid environments by automating infrastructure, cloud and workspace processes required to support and deliver IT services to the business.

RES ONE Automation transforms once manual and laborious tasks into automated workflows that are all maintained in a single, easily navigated repository where they can readily be found by anyone who needs them, laying the foundation for IT as a Service and freeing up resources to focus on strategic projects. Automating IT tasks helps enforce essential security controls and compliance policies by removing the risk of error and creating a strong audit trail. With RES, IT can support even the largest and complex enterprise environments without generating excessive overhead.


Task automation

PowerShell execution and scheduling

Trust security

Cloud readiness

Advanced change control

Flexible Administration

Reporting and analysis

Technology connectors

RES ONE Automation architecture

The architecture of RES ONE Automation is easy to install, manage and scale.

What's new

Check out what's in the latest releases of RES ONE Automation.

RES ONE Automation 10.1

Parallel processing
Run multiple modules, projects or runbooks using RES ONE Automation simultaneously. This capability makes better use of hardware resources because a job can start on the same machine without waiting for the previous job to finish. For example, improve provisioning times by installing an application and executing system configuration tasks at the same time.


AES-256 encryption
Ensure the security of sensitive data when installing a new datastore using AES-256 encryption. RES ONE Automation adopted these new security standards to support customer’s cloud readiness, governance and compliance initiatives.


Agent activity logging
View detailed activity logs in RES ONE Automation for more visibility into the details of automation jobs and events. Logged information includes offline warnings, discovery details, completed jobs, connections and disconnection, and more.


New Linux agent
Support for Ubuntu 16.04 (x64) for agents running on Unix/Linux.


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