RES ONE Automation

RES ONE Automation

Drive competitive advantage by automating the delivery of business and IT services

RES ONE Automation provides flexible automation capabilities.

It eliminates the need to manually deliver services and apps, eliminating risk of error, creating a strong audit trail, and freeing up resources for projects with more strategic impact on the business.

Ease of use. Simple yet scalable architecture for automating IT, with extensive out-of-the-box knowledge and integration. Virtually anyone can automate their daily activities with increased control and better security and compliance, laying the foundation for IT as a Service. It's the best way to provision and de-provision services directly for the workforce and for datacenters.


Version control

Advanced job scheduling

Activity automation

Extensive out-of-the-box knowledge

Delegation of control

Configure once

Trust security

Advanced change control

Automation connectors

RES ONE Automation Manager architecture

The architecture of RES ONE Automation is easy to install, manage and scale.

What's new

Check out what's in the latest releases of RES ONE Automation.

RES ONE Automation 2015 Service Release 5 (SR5)

Windows Server 2016 Support
Supports Windows Server 2016 to help you take advantage of Microsoft’s latest capabilities around security, the software-defined datacenter and enterprise app development.

RES ONE Automation 2015 Service Release 4 (SR4)

Licensing Flexibility
Enhanced licensing to support the new modules (Access and Identity) in RES ONE Service Store and RES ONE Security.

RES ONE Automation 2015 Service Release 3 (SR3)

Task Visibility
Adds the option to hide unnecessary Tasks and Queries from the RES ONE Automation Console for a cleaner and simplified list of available tasks.

Manage Add-ons option
Provides an overview of the installed Add-ons in RES ONE Automation, then the ability to delete one or more Add-ons if they are no longer required.

Separation of Add-ons
Third-party connectors have been separated from the RES ONE Automation release cycle for greater agility in the development and release of new connectors.

Solaris 10 and 11 on Intel
Supports the following Operating System for Agents running Unix and Linux: Sun Solaris 10 (update 11) on Intel, Sun Solaris 11 (update 3) on Intel.

SUSE Linux Enterprise
SUSE Linux is a very popular distro, and we have made RES ONE Automation Agents available for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server release 11 SP4 and 12.

RES ONE Automation 2015

Version control
RES ONE Automation offers better auditability and change control through versioning. Modules, projects, run books and resources can now be stored with a version number and comment field.

Console redesign
The console has been enhanced with a more intuitive, familiar Microsoft Outlook interface that is easier to navigate. Commonly used console controls will automatically appear at the top of the list. The console is persistent and will remember your last location. Improved group structure has been added: jobs, library, topology, administration, set up.

Command bar
This console feature has been added for better useability and offers an easily accessible button bar that's visible throughout the console. It contains the most frequently used functions and features. Shortcut keys can also perform actions from the command bar.

Expanded compatibility support
Supports the latest Microsoft Windows 10, Oracle Solaris 11 (formerly Sun Solaris), Red Hat Enterprise 7, Apple OS X Yosemite (10.10.3), Microsoft SQL 2014

Global password security
Improved security through greater authentication. New password policies have been introduced, and administrators have greater configuration flexibility. Users can be emplowered to change their own passwords.

Paging mechanism
Better customize and componentize job history and audit trails to allow for faster and more reliable deployments. This allows for greater scalability as data is now pulled from the database and can be better analyzed.

Building block enhancements
More options are available when creating building blocks. It is now possible to include empty folders, export the configuration of teams to a building block, and an improved import process have been added.

RES Automation Manager 2014 Service Release 4 (SR4)

BMC Remedy Integration
RES Automation Manager has integrated with Remedy, BMC Software’s IT Service Management tool, complementing the widely installed helpdesk tool.

IBM Maximo Integration Enhancements 
RES Automation Manager has integrated with Maximo, IBM’s comprehensive enterprise asset management for asset lifecycle and maintenance management.

IBM BigFix Endpoint Manager Integration
RES Automation Manager has integrated with BigFix IBM Endpoint Manager, a suite of tools that allow you to better manage physical and virtual Servers, Desktops, Laptops and Smart Devices.

IBM Softlayer Integration
RES Automation Manager has integrated with IBM’s cloud infrastructure service, supporting data centers across North America, Europe, and Asia so customers can provision cloud resources where (and when) they need them.


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