Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Protect your data, IP and trade secrets from cyber attack

Life sciences & pharma companies are often at higher risk of cyber targeted attacks against their scientific and clinical data, IP and trade secrets. These attacks can cause major disruptions not only to workers and the business, but potentially to patients if their clinical trial records are breached. And on average a breach costs $3.8 million to resolve, according to the Ponemon Institute’s 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study.

RES can limit exposure to cyber attacks, including virus, malware, phishing and ransomware by providing central management tools that restrict access to apps that are approved for each worker’s individual context and access rights offering. RES offers granular security by providing read-only blanketing, dynamically-elevated administrative privileges, whitelisting, blacklisting and device lock down in the event of a theft. With an abundance of consultants, contractors and worker transitions, you don’t want your most precious data, IP and secrets walking out the door – or you being locked out with your data held for ransom.

Better support for a productive and mobile workforce

Life sciences & pharma organizations must quickly deliver the right IT services and apps to workers in the field with physicians, hospital, pharmacies and clinics, as well as those who are managing clinical trial sites. By considering user-specific context information – including time of day, location, end point device, connectivity method and more – IT can ensure that field reps, medical science liaisons, CRAs and PIs are automatically equipped with the right technology tools to keep operations running smoothly, even in the most remote or distributed locations.

Streamline IT processes through automation

RES streamlines IT processes by automating the provisioning and de-provisioning of IT services based on context triggers, or by enabling secure self-service. Automation of once manual tasks increases time spent on strategic initiatives, eliminates risk of human error and keeps a traceable audit log of access that can help reduce overall compliance costs in this highly regulated industry. And automation provides quick time to value by quickly onboarding and offboarding people as they change roles, entities, departments or join or leave the company, quickly making employees productive and instantly shutting down access to mitigate security and compliance risks for people who leave. And, by automating mundane tasks and common IT service tickets, IT is free to focus on innovation and more strategic projects, while the users experience faster IT service delivery.

Monitor software license usage and costs

RES monitors the actual use of apps, ensuring that software licenses are optimized. Unused licenses can be returned automatically after a specified period of time, or once a policy calls for de-provisioning of access. As workers change roles and no longer need to use some apps, their licenses can be automatically re-used. This helps manage costs and creates a rich audit trail that shows how apps are being used — information that can be used to improve forecasting and planning, stay compliant with license policies and cut down on costs.

Prepare for a future in the cloud

Many IT organizations have begun using hybrid cloud provisioning for better quality and reduced capital costs. But this transformation must be done without putting data security and regulatory compliance at risk. RES allows IT to support a hybrid environment — with both cloud and traditional apps that can be provisioned instantly and seamlessly, reducing IT’s costs without sacrificing security and compliance.

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