Financial Services

Financial Services

Delivering flexibility, mobility and compliance.

Financial services organizations must deliver IT services with high agility, low cost, better efficiency and compliance with industry regulations. And their workers' requirements in this digital age are increasing the demand for more mobile solutions that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device. IT must carefully balance demands for a flexible and unrestricted worker experience while ensuring security and compliance in an age of cyber security threats.

Create an empowered workforce.

Need to support your mobile workforce? RES optimizes the way workers access IT services by providing a stable, consistent workspace experience, regardless of where or how they work; ensuring that each worker has the right access at the right time, based on their role, location and device.

Automate access point security.

To make a company secure and prevent risk exposure, end points must be locked down. RES helps centralize desktop security configurations, including:

  • Mapping workers to the correct network resources based on individual role, location or device
  • Locking down the desktop, when and where needed
  • Delegating administrative controls for maximum flexibility
  • Restricting external device usage, including USB drives
  • Supporting corporate compliance policies, such as automatic de-provisioning of IT services when no longer required
  • Dynamically adjusting access rules based on a worker's changing context throughout their day

Faster time to value for IT and the business.

Even in the face of budget reductions, the pressure to increase innovation and add value to the business never relents. RES helps IT support both goals by reducing the complexity of managing access and security in a hybrid desktop environment, and improving the usability of IT services. With greater automation of IT service delivery and faster access to apps and data, IT can better support the business -- and do so more securely.

Prepare for a future in the cloud.

Many IT organizations have begun using hybrid cloud provisioning for better quality and reduced capital costs. But this transformation must be done without putting data security and regulatory compliance at risk. RES allows IT to support a hybrid environment—with both cloud and traditional apps that can be provisioned instantly and seamlessly, reducing IT’s costs without sacrificing security and compliance.

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