Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

Protect the grid from cyber attacks and malware.

Energy and utility companies are often at higher risk of targeted attacks against their networks and grids. These attacks can cause major disruptions not only to consumers, but potentially to national security. RES can limit exposure of cyber attacks by providing central management tools that restrict access to only approved apps by the worker’s individual context and offer more granular security controls around administrative rights and use of external devices.

Increase the speed and ease of disaster recovery.

Cyber attacks aren’t the only threat faced by IT departments; natural disasters can occur at any time and fast recovery is critical. RES enables IT to centrally manage virtual desktops, ensuring a worker’s personal workspace can be restored in minutes, accessible from any new device. Personal preferences, drivers, applications and other mission-critical services are stored on the server so appropriate access can be restored immediately without impacting the worker's experience. 

Better support for a productive and mobile workforce.

Energy and utility IT organizations need a strategy to quickly deliver the right IT services and apps to workers in the field. By considering user-specific context information – including time of day, location, end point device, connectivity method, and more – IT departments can ensure that field technicians are automatically equipped with the right technology tools to keep operations running smoothly. Even in the most remote locations. 

Streamline IT processes through automation.

RES streamlines IT processes by automating the provisioning and de-provisioning of IT services, based on context triggers, or by enabling secure self-service. Automation of once manual tasks, increases time spent on strategic initiatives, eliminates risk of human error and keeps a traceable audit log of access that can help reduce overall compliance costs in the highly regulated energy and utility industry.

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