Provide innovative digital environments and a better learning experience.

IT departments within higher education can struggle to provide the right services to students, faculty and staff in an environment rich with mobile applications, online education, cloud apps and BYOD. Tech savvy students are selecting academic institutions best equipped to support their digital demands, adding pressure on IT departments to provide innovative digital learning experiences even with their ever-tightening budgets.

RES helps higher education IT departments provide these necessary services, improving the quality of education for students and faculty.

Delivering people-centric digital workspaces anytime, anywhere.

Most students bring no less than three of their own devices to campus. RES allows each workspace to be configured and delivered just in time, based on each person's role, location and device. By adding this context-aware capability to the workspace experience, RES streamlines the way students, faculty, and staff members access the right apps and services based on their personal needs. 

Automate the creation and removal of access.

Each academic term, in addition to normal faculty and staff changes, requires IT teams to create and remove student accounts, apps and services. All too often, this process is manual. RES automates the provisioning and de-provisioning of IT services and applications, enabling resource-efficient delivery of highly personalized, secure and robust workspaces to each student. Students productive, and software licenses are well managed ensuring the school is not paying for unneeded or unused licenses.

Reduce IT service desk requests.

RES equips academic institutions with a self-service approach similar to the popular “app store” model -- applying it to the full-array of IT services needed in higher education. With this one-stop delivery service, students, faculty and staff can subscribe to the services and applications they need on-demand.

By using RES to deliver a self-service, customized workspace combined with automated services and automatically-governed access, IT reduces help requests and frees its own resources to work on strategic projects.

Monitor software license usage and costs.

RES monitors the actual use of apps, ensuring that software licenses are optimized. Unused licenses can be returned automatically after a specified period of time, or once a policy calls for de-provisioning of access. As students graduate, their licenses are automatically re-used for members of the incoming class. Not only do these functions help manage costs, they create a rich audit trail that shows how apps are being used —information that can be used to improve forecasting and planning.

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