Woodforest National Bank Deploys a New Breed of Identity and Access Management

Woodforest National Bank Deploys a New Breed of Identity and Access Management

June 8, 2017

by Diana Wong

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Woodforest National Bank, where they shared their RES customer journey and how they were able to boost customer and user experience through centralized automation and improve efficiencies by streamlining identity and entitlement management by enforcing business policy during the employee onboarding and offboarding processes. 

We were joined by Marcus Lohr, VP of IT Infrastructure, who has been with Woodforest National Bank for the last 10 years. His charter is to define and deliver high-quality, reliable and scalable enterprise-wide infrastructure and operations to support Woodforest’s rapidly growing 1.3 million banking customers.

In addition to oversight of datacenters, active directory, MS Exchange – including all Microsoft solutions (except for SharePoint), Marcus manages the strategic direction of cloud and mobile. His team works closely with HR to ensure new employee IDs are set up in their systems. Evan Sandler, System Admin (and automation expert) who works on Marcus’ team, also joined the webinar.  We were excited to have this team of innovative IT heroes share with us how they’re using RES to help develop and maintain the employee identity lifecycle, what some of their workflows looked like, and how it’s simplifying their governance and compliance audits. We captured some highlights from the exchange here.

What were some of the challenges you experienced before RES?

  • The need for flexibility with the way employees were onboarded – typical Identity Access Management (IAM) vendors are expensive and aren’t very flexible. They could not change as the industry changed, and there were still a lot of human errors from different manual processes and cumbersome script automation. Typical implementation of traditional IAM vendors was generally very long. A better way to do identity management was important.
  • User experience on the virtual side of things – making things look and feel seamless whether you’re on a virtual or physical desktop accessing on premise or cloud apps – the experience of making those feel the same across the board has always been a challenge 
  • Productivity – Having employees hired and not coming into work set up to be productive immediately. In the past, it was not uncommon for new employees to be sitting around the first few days waiting for credentials or hardware. Essentially, they were being paid to sit there and do nothing because things weren’t ready for them. 

Why RES?

  • Quick Proof of Concept
  • Easy-to-provision user accounts from the HR system 
  • Simplified management of the end-to-end user lifecycle 
  • The freedom of automation

What does your RES customer journey look like?

We were first sold during a demo at our office, when we saw how easy it was to onboard and offboard one of the managers during the meeting fully provisioning and deprovisioning access to various applications all based on the managers’ role and attributes. The implementation of RES for IAM with their professional services team took just 8 weeks. After we saw how you could fix the immediate need for an IAM solution, we then realized the scalability potential of the RES solution.

The more we got into it, the more we saw the value. The entire platform works so well together and has even unified some of the internal teams here. Our integrations with RES include Salesforce, SCCM, Azure, ServiceNow, and in the future, AWS. Today, we are continually looking at ways to use RES. We even schedule a weekly internal brainstorming call to talk about what else we can do with the power of RES.

What are some of the benefits you’re seeing with RES?

  • Faster on/offboarding of employees – shortening the process from 3-5 days to 10 mins
  • Automated provisioning of accounts and access fulfillment requests
  • Reduction of help desk calls by1/3, maybe even 2/3
  • So much automation – better reporting, views, and control over entitlements 
  • Now, we can truly empower employees to service customers quicker and focus on providing a world-class experience 

Any tips for organizations considering RES or even for other customers in early deployment?

  • Don’t overlook the POWER of RES – it’s very flexible
  • If you can imagine it, RES can help with it 
  • Start small, but think BIG

Watch the webinar with Marcus and Evan to learn how they’re transforming IT super- hero style at Woodforest National Bank. Or check out the case study.