RES Hub: Unleashing the Power of Community

RES Hub: Unleashing the Power of Community

June 26, 2017

by Lacy Gruen

The word “community” can mean different things to different people. To some, it is the area or neighborhood in which they live, while others see a community as any group of people (no matter where they reside) with whom they have something in common. I agree with both, but feel the latter is the most significant because those communities are brought together by common objectives, hobbies, interests or values. Being part of a community can be extremely valuable if you are working to achieve a mutual goal or looking for camaraderie. 

In the world of technology, communities driven by technical folks have historically been very successful. A couple examples of highly successful and engaged technical communities that immediately come to my mind are built around Microsoft and Linux technology. The idea of joining a community is appealing to those seeking to trade knowledge and expertise around popular solutions or platforms. As much as everyone believes that their IT environment is different, most understand that they are probably not the first person facing a particular situation or challenge. Having an idea of what the possibilities are and leveraging a foundation or best practice as a starting point is priceless when trying to get educated or get more value out of technology.

With thousands of customers and partners around the world, RES recognizes the value of community. Last June, RES announced the RES Tech Alliance Program and the RES Ready distinction for certified connectors and integrations that help customers get the most out of their existing and future technology investments, to secure environments, increase efficiency and lower costs. With the increasing demand for RES Ready connectors and integrations, we have launched the RES Hub to extend our ecosystem, promote engagement and accelerate access to newly shared content. 

The RES Hub is launching with over 100 connectors, building blocks and samples – and this number is expected to increase exponentially now that the RES Hub is publicly available. The integration packages cover many leading third-party technology solutions in security, enterprise mobility management, IT Service Management, virtualization and cloud provisioning, PC lifecycle management, SaaS applications and more. There is no reason for anyone to start a RES project from scratch when they can build on a foundation or best practice that is readily available at their fingertips.

Why RES Hub?

  • Streamline deployments supporting the digital workspace, security and governance initiatives such as identity and access management, GDPR, VDI deployments, etc.
  • Maximize existing technology investments to accelerate time to value
  • Extend out-of-the-box capabilities with industry leading connectors, building blocks and samples
  • Collaborate with RES tech community to share and discuss expertise and best practices

Because of the transparent nature of the RES Hub, visitors get unlimited access and opportunity to interact and share with others – provide feedback, rate and review favorite packages and leverage what others are saying to get an indication of the value and quality of the content you want to utilize. By sharing and leveraging connectors, samples and best practices, the RES technical community can now better streamline deployments, helping organizations maximize the business value of their hybrid infrastructure with RES.

If you are interested in learning more about the RES Hub, check out our Introducing RES Hub tech blog. Also, I invite you to join the RES technical community by registering at