RES @ HiMSS: Our Take on Security & Interoperability

RES @ HiMSS: Our Take on Security & Interoperability

February 28, 2017

by Stacy Leidwinger

The RES team was on the road for two weeks back to back. First, we were at RSA, the leading security conference in the tech world, and then we were at HiMSS, where we mingled with 40,000+ of our favorite healthcare information professionals. And along the way, we announced the next generation of our products with RES ONE Enterprise.

I admit some of it is still a blur, but here are some impressions that are still fresh in my mind from HiMSS.

  • Consumerization of patient engagement is a hot topic
  • Everyone’s getting serious about better patient care through connected health
  • Interoperability across technologies (focusing on EHR) is a powerful trend
  • Though already regulated to the hilt, enhanced security and privacy are still powerful forces
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing are attracting early adopters

We at RES are fascinated by all these topics,and  it was definitely a treat to catch up on the latest trends and conversations. But the buzz around RES at HiMSS centered mostly around securing the clinician workspace & driving interoperability across technologies.

Securing the Clinician Workspace

Healthcare experienced one data breach per day in 2016. I guess that’s why the HIMSS sessions on cybersecurity and privacy were so full they were turning people away. In one case, I arrived 15 minutes early for a security session only to find they were already out of seats.

Even at the RES booth, where I spoke about securing the clinician workspace through context triggers, we experienced the buzz around security. Many of our visitors wanted solutions that could grant clinicians access to applications but also revoke access when it was no longer needed based on context: time of day, location of access, or the device being used.

I also got strong interest at the RES exhibit on preventing ransomware and external attacks through whitelisting and lists of approved hashes that would block execution of anything not approved. IT people want a simple way to manage whitelists, and they want a way to survey their existing environment to identify a good starting point.

Driving Interoperability

Interoperability is a mouthful – but how could it not be a hot topic when you have an exhibit hall jammed with thousands of vendors, all offering different solutions? The need for these solutions to work together is critical for anyone to be successful. We live in an interconnected world. The same topic was hot at the RES booth. People want to standardize and automate clinician onboarding and offboarding processes. I spoke to many who were highly interested in leveraging the HR or payroll systems as the single source of truth on who was employed (permanent or visiting), and then automatically creating an identity for each person with proper access to EHR solutions, research libraries, printers and more. Solutions like this are a powerful force for interoperability and clinician productivity: it gives healthcare professionals access to the right applications for patient care on day 1. And it’s not just our opinion. Our customers tell us, before using RES it would take 3.5 days (not to mention a bucket full of IT tickets) to be onboarded. With RES, access is instantaneous based on business workflows and highly secure and traceable for compliance benefits. As one person told me: it’s a win/win/win for the clinician, IT and the security team.

I could go on. There were countless conversations at HiMSS 2017 that I have only touched on. But my inbox is exploding and my feet are still sore. So instead, take a look at some of our latest healthcare content – including our new white paper “No Good Choices?” And, you can read more about the RES approach to creating, securing and automating the digital workspace for clinicians on our website here.

*Following the launch of RES ONE Enterprise on February 21, 2017, RES ONE Service Store is now RES ONE Identity Director and RES ONE Suite is now RES ONE Enterprise.