Next Week Proves that “Maybe” Isn’t an Effective IT Strategy

Next Week Proves that “Maybe” Isn’t an Effective IT Strategy

May 17, 2017

by Lorena Crowley

High and Low. Hot and Cold. Jekyll and Hyde. Extreme opposites are a fact of life. Fortunately, we can often land in a happy medium somewhere between the extremes. But what do you do when in-between isn’t a good place? End user computing leaders will gather at Citrix Synergy in Orlando next week to hear from Citrix and partners like us about how they can extend mobility and flexibility to their end users. They’ll start piecing together plans and roadmaps around continuing to support the business, driving productivity and impact in their organizations. Citrix has positioned itself as an enabler for IT to say “yes” more freely to the business. This is a noble cause, and of course one that RES supports fully as a Citrix Ready Partner. 

But also next week, IT needs to think hard about how they plan to say “no.” On May 25, 2018, more stringent regulations protecting consumer data will go into effect in the EU, with a global impact. IT has just one year to prepare. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) puts much higher standards and penalties in place for cases of data breach that results in EU citizens’ personal data being exposed. Multinational and global organizations have a limited timeline to get ready for these impending regulations, which in many cases might require tightening of controls and policies. You’ll see a lot more content about this next week, as RES rolls out a blog series around how organizations can get moving on their GDPR plans, so stay tuned. For many organizations, a logical approach to meeting compliance will center around restriction, but that is certainly at odds with what many have worked towards for years around empowering the workforce.

So there we have it: two very important, yet competing, concepts at play next week. IT is pulled in two directions: Yes and No. But the challenge is that landing somewhere in-between isn’t particularly effective. It’s not empowering to possibly give people mobility and access. It’s not compliant to partially restrict and secure some aspects of your environment. When both productivity (yes) and security (no) are at stake, a fractional or “maybe” approach just doesn’t cut it. 

At Synergy, RES will offer an alternative. Take a granular approach to how people are granted access, how apps, data and resources are secured, and how IT gains visibility into activities and changes taking place within in the digital workspace. With RES, IT can purposefully and effectively map access and security policies to the right conditions – based on defined rules and criteria that promote both empowerment and protection. RES keeps helping organizations get better and better at finding the meeting place for productivity and security, and (spoiler alert) we’ll be announcing some product enhancements aimed at just that during the event.

Next week will come and go, but the ongoing battle between “Yes” and “No” will continue. When “Maybe” isn’t the answer, having a strategy that balances both needs is key.

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