Life @ RES

We're a multi-national technology company with a unique team of professionals. We were built on a spirit of innovation that still permeates us to this day. We've won challenging recognitions including Gartner Cool Vendor and Great Place to Work. And we love what we do.


Our culture

We are a committed and agile team of people who have fun at work.

Trust and respect permeate our relationships with each other.

That's what makes us a great place to work – a place where we are inspired to be the best we can be.

Our values

RESults: Freedom to step up and deliver.

RESpect: Treat others like you want to be treated.

RESolve: Drive change and be fanatical.


Benefits of working @ RES

Great culture and fun work environment

Most Valuable Player program

Strong leadership with a team environment

Flexible working hours and competitive time-off policies

Fun @ RES

Research & development

We're here to make great things happen. We deliver entrepreneurial success through innovation and we pursue our goals with resolve and creativity. With R&D professionals in Netherlands, Romania and the U.S., we've built a team of great people. But our dreams of the future for our customers, partners and ourselves are equally great.

RES awards

Recognizing employees for their valuable contributions is a special part of the RES culture. Each quarter, we recognize one of our own as the Most Valuable Player, an MVP, who receives special recognition and a very special trip, along with our Excellence Club members.