About Us

Why RES?

Why RES?

Because a predictable and well-managed user experience is essential to the digital workspace.

Work apps should be as effortless and secure to deploy, manage and use as consumer apps.

And providing access to the right apps at the right times shouldn’t have to be a burden.

We believe IT can align its goals with the business without sacrificing productivity.

More efficiency, better security and reduced costs can co-exist with a great user experience.

That's why we are champions for both the business and IT.

We reject the thought that business and IT must be at odds, or that more versatility means less security. RES empowers workers and creates IT heroes with a single platform.

We live our brand every day, and we seek every opportunity to ensure that our customers are a part of something special.


Working @ RES

We are a committed and agile team of people who have fun at work.

Trust and respect permeate our relationships with each other.

That's what makes us a great place to work – a place where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

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RES innovation is recognized.

RES Cares

At RES, we are fanatical about what we do and what we are about.

Our “Power of Giving Back” initiative, a social responsibility program at RES, is clear evidence of our determination to make a change outside of IT as well.

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